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Platforms for Collaboration

The MUJU Crew provides platforms for Muslim / Jewish creative collaboration. These platforms will include theatre productions, arts festivals, commissions and other live events.

Creativity not Conflict

The MUJU Crew is about getting Muslims and Jews creating art together and promoting new work, because art is a passion we share; it is not about getting Muslims and Jews to talk about their religious differences. We never begin with a context of talking; we begin with doing something creative together.

In 2011, MUJU commissioned some independent research on our process with exciting results. Read the summary here;




MUJU began life as the Tricycle Muslim Jewish Youth Theatre Group in 2004. Supported by the Tricycle Theatre, the Pears Foundation and One to One Children Foundation the group’s main aim was to encourage young Muslims and Jews to come together for weekly drama workshops to allow members to express themselves creatively and explore themes of interest. The group soon began tackling issues of race, religion, poverty, social justice and youth culture.

Over time the theatre group became a melting pot of ideas, with friendships emerging and inhibitions vanishing. After 3 years, 3 plays and the first upSTARTS Festival in March 2008, the founding members of the MUJU workshops established the group as a registered charity, and it was here that The MUJU Crew in its present shape was born.

Platforms for collaboration include comedy nights, writing commissions, arts festivals, community work and awareness-raising performances. MUJU’s work was formally recognised in November 2008 when the crew won the first Mosaic Talent Interfaith Award, presented by HRH Prince Charles.


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The Crew


Salman Siddiqui & Andrea Tuijten


Georgina Bednar

Salman Siddiqui

Simon Sefton (Treasurer)


Julie Siddiqi, Co-Chair, Nisa-Nashim

Nicolas Kent, Former Artistic Director Tricycle Theatre

Richard Stone, Alif Aleph UK

The Crew

Salman Siddiqui, Raphael Bar, Georgina Bednar, Josh Azouz, Tara Jaffar & Alia Bano

Directors and Mentors

Waleed Akhtar (Upstarts), Alex Summers (MUJU)

Rachel Grunwald (Mentor), Dave Cohen (Comedy Writer)

Design and Web

Studio Baum / Paper Uncle


Camilla Greenwell, Abdul Haseeb Basit, James Gordon

With thanks and credits to all at the Tricycle Theatre.