The MUJU Crew are lucky to have support from a wide range of community partners and individuals. Equally committed to artistic excellence and interfaith, all of these organisations have a great deal of good work going on. Click their link below to read more or the tab on the left to hear how we are working with them to spread the MUJU message.

Tricycle Theatre

Our Home

One to One

Funders and educational partners

Arts Council England

Grant Partner

Near Neighbours 

Grant Partner

Aziz Foundation

Grant partner

Halal Food Foundation

Generously supported Come In! Sit Down!


Interfaith Education and Arts collaborations


Social Action and Grant partner

City Circle 

Social Action partner (generously supported Come In! Sit Down!)

Alif Aleph UK

Interfaith Week Campus events

Cultural Partners

Mosaic Network

The Emerald Network

The Creative Muslim Network