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A small group of individuals, confronted by images of some of the most vulnerable victims of violence and prejudice, decided to take action. Our aim, to build a one-to-one relationship of mutual trust and regard with local communities and to invest the time, skills and careful funding that would make the most positive difference to the quality of children’s lives.

One to One Children’s Fund pioneers projects, which relieve the suffering of children and foster tolerance, peace and understanding in areas of conflict. We work hand in hand with local communities and volunteers to create programmes that empower local people, introducing new ways of approaching the welfare of children. Our aim is to create centres of excellence and models for best practice from which we and others can learn and replicate.

One to One Children’s Fund is implementing programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa, Kosovo, Israel and Palestine, India and the United Kingdom.

One to One Children’s Fund is the co-founder and primary funder of Paediatrics Aids Treatment for Africa (PATA), an umbrella organisation of 86 paediatric clinics throughout Africa that works collaboratively with multidisciplinary healthcare teams of nurses, pharmacists, counsellors and doctors, to help achieve their goals of providing better care to more and more children affected by HIV/AIDS. PATA affiliated clinics care for more than 25% of all children receiving Anti Retroviral treatment in Africa today, and is working towards helping all HIV infected and affected children and young people to have access to the comprehensive health and social services they need by 2015.

In 2004, One to One Children’s Fund rolled out its Anti-Retroviral (ART) Support Programme to the chronically under-resourced Eastern Cape province in South Africa, where we employ nurses based in the Paediatric HIV/AIDS Clinics at the Dora Nginza Hospital and Uitenhage Hospital. Our outreach project provides support and care to more than 1000 children and their families living with HIV/AIDS and include training of community health workers, gardening activities and adolescent care.

To relieve medical staff in PATA affiliated clinics, One to One Children’s Fund is implementing an innovative Expert Patient Programme, training HIV positive patients in clinic tasks.  “Kick AIDS” is an another exciting initiative, harnessing Africa’s passion for football to offer HIV awareness raising, life skills training and counselling at football tournaments and events. One to One Children’s Fund also supports and funds a nursery and a primary schools in Vrygrond community in South Africa providing the best possible education to deprived children.

In its relatively short history, One to One Children’s Fund has also gained an international reputation for spearheading ground-breaking projects not only in Africa but also in other parts of the world.

One to One Children’s Fund provides counselling servives for children and families in the region of Peja and Prizren through two family therapy centres and organises training courses for psychosocial counsellors in Kosovo.

The Charity also implements reconciliation and trauma healing programmes in schools in Israel and Palestine, as well as post-tsunami rehabilitation activities for children in India. Here in the UK, the Charity has initiated an inter-faith drama youth programme, promoting community cohesion and understanding.