MUJU celebrated 10 year anniversary at the Tricycle Theatre with a brand production: Come In! Sit Down!

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Due to the ongoing events relating to the Middle East, ISIS, Charlie Hebdo and related incidents in Copenhagen, the media is yet again flooded with headlines which emphasis the tension existing between Muslim and Jewish communities. As well as impacting on cross-communal relationships between the two faith groups, this media commentary negatively impacts on the wider British public.

This new show explored the pressures many Muslims and Jews feel to disassociate from international acts of violence, whilst responding to community pressure to remain aligned with their faith and culture. The devised production explored identity, faith, community and nationalism in a time of increased Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. Comedy, song and music provided an accessible production for Muslims, Jews and secular audiences. On the cusp where hysteria and humanity meet – genuine truths and lived experiences were unpacked through recognisable characters, scenes, songs and comedy.

‘A squirm-inducing night of sick skits at the Tricycle Theatre, which deserve a slot on TV’ - The Spectator

‘Spirited and charismatic performances’ - The Guardian

‘Come In! Sit Down!, is not afraid to tackle pretty gritty issues…when they work the clichés drift away’ - The Evening Standard


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