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Creative Theatre Link 

For this exciting first time pilot project MUJU partnered with 3FF and HEC Global Learning Centre to deliver a Creative School Link with Year 8/ 9 girls from Eden Girls’ School and Jewish Community Secondary School (JCoSS).

Over the course of 3 days Muslim and Jewish girls are joining creative forces to explore female figures from Muslim and Jewish from sacred stories, as well as their own perspectives on faith, culture and identity, through theatre, storytelling and performance arts. Concepts of power, choice and voice were explored through a range of theatre exercises, games and improvisation. Their creative work culminated in a powerful piece of theatre shared to an audience.


MUJU Creative Link Flyer

Some comments from the girls:

‘Our communities and our world in general should be diverse. It would be quite boring if we only knew about ourselves.’ Neha, Eden Girls’ School.

‘We all had different opinions on each story, and translating it into everyday life definitely played a part in helping us get to know each other.’ Imogen, JCOSS. 

‘When we were performing, we could feel what others feel.’ Sadia, Eden Girls’ School. 

‘Stories from other faiths and my faith can still impact us even though they’re from a long time ago.’ Mollie, JCOSS. 

To view photos see here and to find out about the girls experience read 3FF’s blog here.