NOVEMBER: COMEDY CAMPUS TOUR – Whose Faith is it anyway?


MUJU are excited for their first major performances outside of London. The MUJU Crew, in partnership with AAUK, will take MUJU sketches  to visit Leeds FE college campus to celebrate Interfaith Week. 

The aim of the event is to take a bit of the MUJU magic outside of London to Muslims, Jews and young people of all and no faith. The performances will include some session time for small groups to feedback on what they have seen and think about why MUJU use art forms to break down barriers. 

Contact MUJU if you would be interested in bringing MUJU to your campus! 


NOVEMBER 8TH: upSTARTS Festival 2009

What a day! On 8th November over 300 people came through the Tricycle Theatre to be a part of MUJU’s upSTARTS Festival 2009. Collaboration was the order of the day with MUJU presenting two new pieces of work, spoken word artists sharing the space and a special performance from Yalla!, a new collaboration of artists from 3 Faiths Forum. And that was all before 4pm. 

Our one of a kind showcase included performances and work from Sarah Sayeed MC, Wasim Hussain, Unaiza Karim, Diane George, Avielah Barclay, Alia Bano, Jonny Berliner, Yoav Segal, Ali Rafi, Mohammad Yayha, Theo Bard and of course MUJU! 

MUJU performed 2 new works – Walls but Alia Bano, exploring a doomed friendship between two teenagers from opposite faiths and The Committee (Jonny Berliner) which satarised the ‘interfaith meeting’ from hell. Teh 14 strong cast also repeated comedy from earlier in the year. 

The evening was great act after act taking the stage, topped off with a Q and A from David Baddiel. Ian Stone, Prince Abdi, Luke McQueen, Imran Yusuf, Joe Borr and Ayesha Hazarika, kept things light during the evening providing a melting pot of comic genius. 

We could not have asked for a better day and thanks to all who came, supported and enjoyed! 


AUGUST 16TH: The MUJU Comedy Night 

The MUJU Crew wanted to explore the relationship between our two communities with a domestic focus. The Crew have always shown a flair for comedy and spent May - July training in different comedy styles with professional guidance to tighten their grip on performance skills and writing. 9 top notch scenes were devised exposing stereotypes through larger than life characters. Alongside award winning Jewish comedian Josh Howie, the Crew produced a full evening of entertainment selling out at the Tricycle Theatre.



MUJU hosted an evening of high impact drama at the Tricycle Theatre, in collaboration with human rights theatre company, ‘Ice and Fire’. The event included a performance of Homecoming, a newly devised piece by MUJU inspired by events in the Middle East. The event was a sell out at a time of heightened political tension on the international stage. 

Tackling such a sensitive issue was perhaps the biggest test for MUJU so far, but the results were a deeper understanding between the crew which demonstrated an increased confidence and maturity in the work. 

Cast: Georgina Bednar, Leonie Ettinger, Toby Fehler, Inayat Kanji, Yasmeen Khan, Arsalan Obaidullah, Salman Siddiqui, Samira Sissala.