‘Fortunately, the MUJU theatre group has recognised the need to build trust between the Muslim and Jewish communities of London.’ The Guardian

 ‘MUJU’s Extreme Prevention sketch show is fresh, clever and highly observant. MUJU’s chief success is highlighting new stereotypes ripe for gentle mocking.’ Spoonfed 

The group’s strength is in actualising potential collaborations, conversations and friendships’ The Times

Play performed by Jews and Muslims is celebrated in Lords’ Jewish Chronicle

‘intensity of humour washed with intellect’ Emel magazine

MUJU’s history, our actors and the topics we cover in our comedy and drama means that MUJU is often in the press. From having our shows reviewed to radio and panel interviews, the Co-Chairs and other performing members of MUJU are often called on by both print and broadcast media. MUJU’s press coverage has included national papers, weekly news magazines, BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service. To find out more about MUJU, click on the tab above or read some of our press coverage below.

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