MUJU’s GLASS HALF FULL will be two evenings of provocations (performances), conversations (round table discussions), and networking over (halal/kosher) food. The aim is to create a hub for Muslims, Jews and other artists of faith in the arts to meet each other, feel supported and find new working relationships across the arts and social sectors. The aim is that these two evenings will become a genuine crucible for conversation. Now more than ever, strengthening the representation and voices of people from disadvantaged communities is crucial. if we don’t tell our own stories someone else will.

MUJU will hold 2 events over the summer with around 15-20 participants at each at the Young Vic Theatre in London – directly linking to the Genesis Network which the Young Vic has fostered for emerging artists and practitioners across the country. Participants will range from young emerging artists to more established artists, from writers to performers, directors and producers from the MUJU network, GLASS HALF FULL will allow artists to share experiences and discuss our place in this sector and MUJU will support new work thorough a small commission for the second Glass Half Full, by offering advice and linking artists to venues in our networks.


JULY 2017: MUJU’s GLASS HALF FULL 1 (19th July )

SEPT 2017: MUJU’s GLASS HALF FULL 2 (5th  Sept)

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