MUJU’s GLASS HALF FULL  5th  Sept 6.00 – 9.00pm (food included within the 9pm finish)

MORE NOW THAN EVER, strengthening the representation of voices from disadvantaged communities is crucial. if we don’t tell our own stories, someone else will. MUJU’s GLASS HALF FULL offers workshops for provocations, conversations and networking for Muslims, Jews and other artists of faith/identity to meet and explore new relationships for developing creative work. Each workshop will be held at the Young Vic Theatre in London and artist, activist, faith leaders, dancers, comedians, professionals and thinkers of all disciplines are invited to join from MUJU’s network, the Genesis Network and further afield to explore meaningful spaces for collaboration. Glass Half Full aims to offer a space for defining what the Muslim Jewish relationship means in todays world and offer up a platform to share experiences, new work and work out how we can best use the resources and platforms we have available to us.


THIS SESSION will explore the relationship between artist and their community. How can the artist interact and support those outside of the arts practice, within their faith group or other faith groups? What questions should we be asking of our community and how can activists and community members help artists ask those questions?  There  will be a panel with artists speaking about their experience and the Amal foundation will talk about their current experience in supporting and funding projects over this year. There will be a small sharing from the first GHF session and again, MUJU will support the development of one piece of new work thorough a small commissioning pot after this session. We will also make a podcast across this GHF event to document the reflections and ideas that come from the workshop.

If you would like to attend please email 200 words outlining what you hope to get from GLASS HALF FULL by 4 Sept to directorsprogram@youngvic.org.

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